August 17, 2023

SF Chronicle features Mentor and Mentee at the Treasure Island sailing club

Mentor Malik is paired with an adventurous youth, who loves being in the city admiring building structures, riding Muni and Bart, and discussing the city layout.

While doing research for a weekend outing, Malik and his mentee came across a Treasure Island sailing center free sailing event to celebrate Safe Boating Month. Malik shared that his mentee was working toward two goals during this outing: to do more physical activities and to develop a relationship with a supportive adult. Malik encouraged him to invite his grandpa to come along. Through translation, the mentee's grandpa shared his story of sailing when he was growing up in China.

The outing went swimmingly, and the mentee was even fitted for his very own life jacket. At the conclusion of the event, he excitedly participated in an interview with an SF Chronicle reporter to share the details and account of his first time experiencing the art of sailing!