July 20, 2021

Noe Valley Farmers Market Partnership

Thank you so much for supporting the partnership between Noe Valley Farmers Market and Friends of the Children - SF Bay Area. Thanks to generous donors like you, we’ve delivered over 1,200 bags of the freshest produce to families living in Bayview Hunters Point – a food desert, where finding a decent corner store, let alone a source of healthy food, is a major challenge.

In addition to addressing our families’ most pressing need during the COVID-19 crisis – food insecurity – this food delivery program has strengthened our bond with children and caregivers, demonstrating to them yet again that we mean it when we commit to walk beside each child for 12+ years, no matter what.

We are so pleased with the results of our partnership that we decided to make it a permanent part of our program. In fact, we recently applied for and received a grant to purchase a van, which will enable us to expand the program to feed even more families each week!

Special Delivery: Bringing Fresh Produce to the Bayview

Special thanks to our partners that made this program possible!