Copy of Mentorship Matters 1

March 15, 2024

Mentorship Matters

Heartwarming Stories to Share: Edition 1

In this first edition of Mentorship Matters, we're grateful to share two stories about the remarkable youth we serve and our dedicated Mentors. These stories illustrate the power of mentorship. We have you to thank for helping us bring our mission to life.

A Butterfly’s Resilience

Zahra has experienced unimaginable trauma throughout her life, including the loss of her mother. All of the youth that I mentor have experienced immense trauma, but I've never seen a little girl so shut off from the world. As Zahra’s Mentor, I have supported her in building trusting relationships with others, especially peers her age. I’m particularly proud of the beautiful friendship between Zahra and Gabriela, a sweet and gentle girl whom I also Mentor. Despite attending different schools, the two are inseparable

Through consistent mentorship and nurturing, I’ve seen Zahra’s hope, self management, and positive relationship building skills flourish. Emerging from her cocoon of grief and trauma, Zahra has transformed into a social butterfly, spreading her wings and forging her own path toward enduring resilience. 
-Tanya, Professional Mentor
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Hoops of Hope

Jayce’s spark is basketball, so naturally, many of his goals revolve around his favorite sport. This year, we co-created a goal to enroll him in a year-round basketball league. Jayce was on a league's waiting list, and I promised to do everything I could to get him on the team. I learned about a lottery for volunteer coaches that would allow Jayce to play, and I immediately signed up.

Luck was on our side, and I won the lottery! Jayce was incredulous, and when he finally believed me, he became the happiest I have seen him in a long time. His infectious excitement has motivated me to be proactive and become the best basketball coach possible for Jayce and our new team. In an unexpected twist, I’ve discovered my own spark for coaching basketball!
-Kareem, Professional Mentor
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