December 06, 2023

Double Your Impact Toward Our Mission

Exciting news!

Every gift we receive, up to $20,000, will be matched by a generous donor and go twice as far in our Year-End Campaign! You can amplify your impact in supporting our mission of breaking the cycle of generational poverty.

Your support will help us continue to meet each week with the youth we serve for 12+ years, no matter what. Thank you for your dedication to our mission.

Your gift provides support to youth like Luis*

Luis and his Mentor James started working together during the summer. Before the end of the school year, James received feedback from Luis' teacher that when frustrated, Luis struggles to contain his emotions, affecting his ability to work and causing distractions to his classmates.

Over the summer, James taught Luis about “balloon breathing” and demonstrated inhaling deep breaths and forming your arms like a balloon. As the "balloon" gets bigger, your arms rise until you get to the top of your head and "pop" with all of your feelings and emotions. James and Luis practiced over the summer so that when Luis started the new school year, he would be able to employ this technique during class time and refocus.

Recently, Luis’ teacher shared with James that Luis has been using this breathing technique at school, allowing Luis to self-regulate, stay in the classroom, and continue to enjoy himself and his school activities.

Mentors meet with each of their youth at carefully designed outings that support youth’s progress towards achieving co-created annual goals and building on youth’s prosocial development. These outings, made possible by you, are transformational.

*Youth's name has been changed to protect confidentiality.