Tashauna Burnette

Professional Mentor & Team Lead

Tashauna is from the East Bay, attending school in Oakland and Fremont. She comes from a rather large family, consisting of five brothers and two sisters. Growing up, her family always struggled financially, even being homeless for a short period of time. Due to all of the struggles she experienced, Tashauna never thought college would be an option and did not know anything about it since no one in her family had ever attended college. With the help of a college-prep program, the mentors of that program and the support of her parents, Tashauna was able to obtain her BS in Sociology from Coppin State University in Baltimore, Maryland.

Before joining Friends of the Children in 2018, Tashauna worked as a relief counselor with children dealing with mental illnesses. She thoroughly enjoys helping children achieve different accomplishments and seeing their growth. Outside of work, Tashauna enjoys hiking, working out, reading and travelling.

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