Joshua Caudle

Professional Mentor

Joshua Caudle joined the Friends of the Children Team as a Professional Mentor in 2023. He was born and raised in High Point, North Carolina. There, he attended and graduated from High Point University with a B.A. in Strategic Communications. Throughout his educational journey, he began his professional career working as a Camp Counselor. That’s where his love of helping youth began to blossom. Post grad, he obtained a job as an Admissions Counselor in which he worked with various students ready to begin their collegiate career. Shortly after, he transitioned to working as a Behavior Specialist at a local middle school. Joshua moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2022 and continued his commitment to the youth by serving as a Behavior Intervention Coordinator at an Oakland Charter school. Joshua has a passion for working with and assisting today’s youth so they can become tomorrow’s leaders. He believes there is no such thing as a bad child, just a child who needs help communicating. He has committed himself to working with youth and even in his time off, he’s coaching, leading, and instructing students from across the country through the art of dance. Joshua has 9+ years of experience working with youth from all sorts of backgrounds. His love and passion for underprivileged and minority youth stems from his own adversities he encountered throughout the course of his life. Whenever he's not working with students, he enjoys nature walks, zoos, animal documentaries, or a day at the beach.

“Dance for yourself. If someone understands, good. If not, no matter.” — Louis Horst

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