Greg Kelley

Professional Mentor

Greg comes to Friends of the Children with a wealth of experience providing elementary school-based enrichment services for the past seven to ten years primarily in the East Bay. He was recently a Play to be Coach (PE teacher) at Rosa Parks Elementary in Berkeley California where he taught physical education. Greg really enjoyed teaching the kids how to be more than just a player. He made sure kids displayed impeccable sportsmanship. He also made sure every child felt a part of the activity.

Greg is what San Franciscans call a B.A.R.- born and raised. A few interesting things about Greg is that he loves to play sports and run around with the kids. Another cool thing about Greg is that he graduated from San Jose State University with a bachelor's degree in African American Studies in 2018. He has always had an extreme passion to work with kids who’ve needed an extra push to be better for as long as he can remember. He knows he is fortunate to ‘pay it forward’. Being a paid professional mentor is something he never thought existed. Greg is so honored to be a part of such a wonderful organization like Friends of the Children. During his down time, no surprise, Greg can be found running around playing sports with his family.

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