Clara Yang

Professional Mentor

Clara joined Friends of the Children San Francisco in 2018. Her passion for as long as she can remember has been to support and nurture children towards success, especially those who come from difficult home lives. Working towards this goal, she received a B.S. in Selected Studies in Education from Syracuse University and completed many teaching placements inside inclusive special elementary classrooms where special needs and general education students are combined. In another effort, she took a step into the world of foster care as a Court Appointed Special Advocate in Silicon Valley. The journey with her youth was very eye opening and helped solidify her desire to support youth to navigate and overcome the systemic and personal challenges they may face that are no fault of their own. Through each experience, Clara was always left with an underlying wish to be able to care for the children in a fully comprehensive and deep manner.

She believes Friends of the Children is the opportunity she has been looking for and is stoked to be a “friend” and the opportunity to learn and work alongside an amazing team. Outside work, Clara can be found in a dance studio, at church, or on some adventure with her dog, Heskel.

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