Daoud Tbeileh

Professional Mentor & Education Specialist

Daoud considers himself a San Francisco native, having lived here since he was 7 years old. He grew up in a bicultural household and is first generation Palestinian American. Daoud developed a passion for working with elementary aged kids while working at a nonprofit after school program in Potrero Hill for almost 9 years, with 6 of them serving as the Site Coordinator. His favorite part of the day was spent mentoring students at the school. He took pleasure in serving the youth, providing resources for families, and working with school staff to ensure the needs of students were being met. Daoud was inspired to get his B.A. in Child and Adolescent Development from San Francisco State and is currently in a master’s program working towards his EdS. in School Psychology.

Daoud does his best to live a healthy and active lifestyle. He enjoys cooking using ingredients from local farmers markets and attending the gym regularly. He embraced this lifestyle due to his love for basketball and desire to constantly improve on the court both physically and mentally. He believes he has learned a lot about life and wouldn't be the person he is today without basketball. Daoud is a huge bay area sports fan in general, but more specifically has a plethora of knowledge regarding the NBA and NFL. Daoud’s other interests include spending time outdoors, traveling, seeing friends and family, discovering new restaurants, reading, listening to Hip-Hop, and catching up on tv shows/movies.